HDLAC Training

Training is available for registered and non-registered athletes and recommended for U8+.  Parents are welcome to participate and must remain onsite for the duration of the training for all U12 and younger athletes.  Younger siblings are welcome to participate but must not be disruptive.

Check the HDLAC facebook page for up to date information on any cancellations or changes.  Training will continue in most weather conditions.  Come prepared for the weather conditions and bring appropriate clothing.  You will also need warm and dry clothing for after the session, a water bottle and normal running shoes. Spikes are not required. Centre uniform is also not required.

We are always looking for new coaches to join our coaching team.  Please get in touch with vice@hdlac.org.au if you are interested in coaching at Pennant Hills.

Term 4 2019 Training

Date/TimeMonday 4:30 - 6:00Tuesday 5:30-6:30Thursday 4:30-5:30Thursday 5:30-6:30Sunday 2:30-3:30Sunday 3:30-4:30
SessionMiddle DistanceSkill DevelopmentTeen Squad
Sprints & Distance
Skill DevelopmentJumps Squad
Meet at the LJ Pits
Throws Squad
Meet at the LJ Pits
CoachJoeGrant & JessMaddy & JoeMaddy & RakeliMaddy Maddy
AgeRecommended U10+Recommended U8-U10Strictly U13+ or by applicationRecommended U11+Recommended U11+Recommended U11+
CostNo ChargeNo Charge$5 per sessionNo Charge$5 per session$5 per session

For more information on our training sessions, see below.  Please make note of the different start times.

Monday – Middle Distance Training: 4:30-6pm.  Ern Holmes Oval, Pennant Hills.

A mixture of long and short intervals across varied terrain, in and around the oval. Aims are for general fitness and speed endurance, as well as technique efficiency. Sessions will be tailored to suit the age and ability of all participants.

Tuesday – Athletic Skill Development: 5.30 – 6.30.  Ern Holmes Oval, Pennant Hills.

Recommended for U8 to U10, our coaches will use the LANSW OnTrack Level 2 skill development plans to build foundation skills necessary for all athletics events.

Thursday – Teen Running Squad: 4.30 – 5.30.  Ern Holmes Oval, Pennant Hills.

This invitational squad will cover all running events and is strictly for U13+ unless by prior agreement.  Training fee of $5 per session payable to coaches on the night.  This squad is for our committed athletes who want to develop their running and demonstrate a maturity to their training.  Younger athletes with proven ability to listen, follow directions and work hard are welcome to apply by emailing vice@hdlac.org.au.

Thursday – Athletic Skill Development: 5.30 – 6.30.  Ern Holmes Oval, Pennant Hills.

Recommended for U11+, our coaches will use the LANSW OnTrack Levels 3 to 4 skill development plans to build extension skills necessary for all athletics events.

Sunday – Jumps & Throws Squad: 2:30-3:30 (Horizontal Jumps) 3:30-4:30 (Throws)  Ern Holmes Oval, Pennant Hills.  Meet at the Long Jump pits.

This squad based training is for those wanting to extend their skills for jumps and throws.  Beginners should stick with Tuesday/Thursday skills development sessions.  Please pay attention to the timing and small fee for these sessions.  Athletes are welcome to attend both sessions, or just arrive for their event preference.  On occasion, High Jump training will be available depending on demand and assistance with equipment.

Email vice@hdlac.org.au for more information on group training, or to organise event specific training.