HDLAC Training – all organised training is currently on hold due to our response to Covid-19.  Please see below information on self organised training options whilst we await the return to normality.

Warm Ups:  Having an effective warm up routine is important for injury prevention, mental preparation and improving efficient running technique.  Our friends at Tensegrity have created a helpful warm up guide for you here:

Tensegrity Warm up guide

Growing Pains:  With any change to routine, there is risk of injury, especially with children going through growth spurts.  See this helpful information from Tensegrity on what to look out for and what to do if your child is experiencing heal pain, also known as severs.

Tensegrity guide to heal pain

Cross Country Training – Session plans:  Thanks to Coach Joe, we have our winter training plans created and ready to go.  Please see details here: Joe’s Training

Speed Training – Session plans: Thanks to Coach Maddy, we have our winter speed training plans available.  Please see details here: Maddy’s Training

Strength Training – Want to stay indoors but get strong and ready for the summer season?  Coach Maddy has created some recommended circuit training plans with descriptions.    Please see details here: Maddy’s circuit plan  Circuit Exercise Guide

Email vice@hdlac.org.au for more information or advice for any training related queries.