How to Join

Note:  We are unable to accept further registrations in the U9 (turning 8 in 2023) Age Group.

Follow All These Steps to Join our Club:


Little Athletics Centres are run wholly by volunteers – parents just like you.   Each Centre relies on parental support and participation to conduct their programs.
By registering your child at St George Little Athletics you make the following commitments:
At least one adult per family will:
(i) remain at Olds Park for the duration of your child’s participation at each competition evening, and
(ii) fill an advertised duty on a competition evening (eg.  assist at a Field or Track event, serve in the canteen, etc) on up to 8 occasions across the season.

Registration is not complete until you have fulfilled the requirements to collect your Registration Pack – see step 7 below.


2) Before proceeding – please ensure you have read the 2023-24 FAQs !


3) Acquire your Active Kids Voucher(s) before you register online

These will reduce your registration fees by $50.   Registration fees are set out in the FAQs.

[To be eligible for an Active Kids voucher, a child must be:  a NSW resident, over 4.5 years of age (on the day you apply for the voucher) and appear on a current Medicare card.  Note:  Vouchers acquired in the 1st half of 2023 expired on 30 June 2023 so are not usable for registration in summer sports after that date.   Vouchers acquired in 2H 2023 have been reduced to $50 value by the NSW government.  For more info:    Active Kids Info  ]


4) Access the On-line Registration Portal 

Proof of Age‘ is required to participate in Little Athletics.  If you are new to St George Little Athletics, it will be helpful if you are able to upload a copy of a proof of age document (eg. birth certificate, passport etc) for your child during On-Line Registration.

Click the link below to connect to the registration portal.   If you’re new to STGLAC, you’ll need to click ‘sign up’ to create an account for yourself (the parent).   If you’re re-joining us, you can Login & register one or more athletes in your family.   [Note:  You must only register children for whom you are the parent/legal guardian.]  The portal requires you make payment online – be sure to have your credit card available.

After you’ve logged in, please list the ‘account’ holder person as “Parent 1” when parent details are provided. 

Please use the same Email address (for a given parent/guardian) across all of our systems!  

Please read carefully all on-screen messages & instructions.

–> Online Registration Portal   

[Return to this page when you complete the online registration & perform the steps below]


*** After completing On-Line Registration, please proceed to the following steps:


5) Communication Tools

If you are new to St George Little Athletics, AFTER completing step 4, download “Stack Team App” [you may already have it for another sport] from your phone’s App Store and create an account in your name [please use the same Email Address you provided when registering].   For full instructions, see:   Team App Brochure.     Both parents are encouraged to signup to Team App.   Also – be sure to like us on Facebook (you can find us on Facebook by clicking the bluef” logo on this page).


6) Acquire a Uniform

Uniforms will be available for purchase (card purchases preferred) at Olds Park on the days/times listed below.   This is the best option to acquire a uniform, but if you cannot attend any of those slots (or if you’re registering later), there is an on-line ordering option – See Uniforms for more information.  [Note:  uniforms purchased during the 2021-22 season or earlier can no longer be worn – you will need to purchase the new uniform introduced in the 2022-23 season.]


7) Fill in these 2 short On-line Forms

The following forms are mandatory.  You won’t be able to pick up your registration pack or participate at Athletics until both forms have been completed and submitted (online).  Click on the links to access the forms:

Parent Duty Commitment  – Either parent may fill this out on behalf of their family.

WWC Declaration – Each adult who may assist in any capacity (eg. both parents, grandparent, etc) at Little Athletics needs to fill out this form, with their details.  (Persons who are only spectators do not need to complete this form.)


8) Visit Olds Park on one of our Uniform Purchase / Registration Pack Collection Days to:

Select & pay for Uniform items;
Collect your Registration Pack;

Uniform Purchase sessions & Registration Pack Pickup sessions are:

5:30 – 7:30pm on:

Friday 25 Aug 2023
Friday 8 Sept 2023

Registration Pack pickup ONLY will be available on these additional dates / times.  These may suit particularly athletes who are returning and do not need to purchase uniform items in person:

5:30 – 6:30pm on:

Friday 11 Aug 2023
Friday 18 Aug 2023

Note:  We will confirm the above dates via Email and /or Team App.


Note: Registration Packs will only be provided if:

  1. you have completed Step 7, AND
  2. For children registering with St George for the first time, you uploaded proof of the child’s age eg. Birth Certificate during on-line registration, or you present a document, or photo of it to us.

Note:  There will be a limited capability to collect Registration Packs at Olds Park on Fridays we compete, starting from 22 September (prior to our competition meets), subject to you completing your on-line Registration at least 24 hours prior).  There is no Registration Pack pickup available on our opening night (Friday 15 Sept).


9) Consider how you would like to contribute as a Parent Helper (see point 1 above)

Each Friday competition requires a significant proportion of parents to participate in some way.   For information about the range of ways you can contribute, see:   Parent Helpers.


Note Regarding (Senior) Athletics / ANSW 

The “dual registration” scheme that has operated in previous years (enabling LANSW athletes to gain membership of a “senior athletics” club / Athletics NSW at no further cost) has been terminated by Athletics NSW.  Should you wish to participate in Athletics NSW carnivals, you will need to separately register with a senior club of your choice via Athletics NSW (ANSW) and pay the applicable fees.   [We suggest “St George District Athletic Club” (see:  St George District Athletics Club ) for senior club membership, but this is entirely your choice.]