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Star Awards

What is the Star Awards System?

The Star Awards System provides athletes with goals to aim for during the season. It rewards athletes for their attendance, improvement and achievement.
An athlete can be awarded up to 5 stars in a season, for increasing levels of performance; Yellow, Green, Red, Blue and finally Gold. The stars can be displayed on the athlete’s centre uniform.

To qualify for the award of a star, an athlete must achieve the qualifying standard in the prescribed number of track and field events for their age group – the mixture of track and field events is designed to encourage athletes to develop skills generally.

The numbers of events in which a qualifying standard is required depends on an athlete’s age group and are follows:

Yellow, Green, Red and Blue:

  • U6 to U8 – 1 x track + 2 x field, or 1 x field + 2 x track
  • U9 to U10 – 2 x track + 2 x field
  • U11 to U17 – 3 x track + 2 x field, or 3 x field + 2 x track


  • U6 to U17   –   Any 2 events, track or field

Important:  Results must be entered against the colour categories in order. For example, say an athlete achieves a Gold standard performance for 100m in week 1, that result must be entered against Yellow. If in week 2 the same athlete then achieves a Blue standard performance for 100m, the result must be entered against Green. And so on.

The qualifying standards are based on the LANSW multi-event and non-multi-event points tables. However, because it is significantly harder for smaller athletes to perform well in the “strength” events – Shot Put, Discus and Javelin – the qualifying standards for those events have been reduced.

The qualifying standards are summarised by age group in the Star Award Performance sheets below:



 StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U6B  StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U6G
 StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U7B  StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U7G
 StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U8B  StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U8G
 StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U9B  StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U9G
 StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U10B  StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U10G
 StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U11B  StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U11G
 StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U12B  StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U12G
 StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U13B  StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U13G
 StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U14B  StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U14G
 StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U15B  StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U15G
 StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U17B  StarAwards – 2017-2018 – U17G


Please contact our Special Awards or Records & Rankings Officers if you have further questions.


How Do I Enter My Results

  1. Print off the Star Award Performance Sheet for you age category
  2. Each week check Results Site to see if you have met the required standard for that event.
  3. If met, record the date and result on the sheet.

Important:  You must achieve/complete the colour categories in order regardless of performance.

How Do I Claim a Star Award

On completing a colour category, take you sheet to the Awards table for verification and to receive your star.